THIBAUT DUCHENNE, born in 1966, is a photographer who lives and works in Ver-sur-Launette in the Oise region of France. After studying agriculture until 1988, and after his military service in the navy, he took over the family farm following his parents’ retirement. A self-taught photographer, he started his craft at the age of 35 when his father gave him his first camera. Thibaut Duchenne takes over abandoned spaces and rural architecture, where nature, uncontrolled, regains its rights and reveals itself in another form: one is moved by these places, once so alive, now silent. The presence of Man is hinted at: Thibaut Duchenne never photographs faces or people but the memory he has of them in these places so customary to him. In 2012, his artistic approach crystallized with his participation in the Salon de Montrouge. The series “Prise de Terre” and “Lieu” coming to define his intentions and give his work a fundamental impetus.

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September 12 – October 31, 2020

21 janvier – 20 février 2021