SEPTIEME Gallery is a contemporary art gallery whose doors open in October 2019, founded by Julie Banâtre and Léa Perier Loko.

SEPTIEME Gallery is a new iteration of the gallery – thoughtfully and purposefully disobedient, with an undercurrent of activism. This vision comes to life through the decompartmentalization of ideas and practices, the widespread international presence of our artists, the fostering of unexpected collaborations and an openness to new encounters.

The artists represented by the gallery share a sharp critical sense and a willingness to go beyond the confines of gesture, medium and thought through a universal language. In this way, they show a deep desire to be defined by their creations rather than being restricted by an identity. Together, they illustrate the increasingly dense diversity of the world around them by asking open questions for us to ponder.


© Monica Santos

Julie Banatre et Lea Perier Loko, SEPTIEME Gallery

© Nicola Lo Calzo

Julie Banâtre and Léa Perier Loko founded SEPTIEME Gallery in a spirit of openness to the world based on human engagement and a questioning of origins and their trajectories, after having worked together at L’Agence a Paris for several years.

Julie Banâtre, franco-Guinean, born in New York City, first dedicated herself to social work before integrating the world of Art. Today, fed by her multicultural background, she strives to create connections and to take advantage of the impossibility of a fixed identity. She is also a literary translator for various magazines and editors.

As for Léa Perier Loko, French born in Paris, she realized the importance of going beyond her own origins by moving to Benin to found an Art Center. Since then she has decided to associate anthropological research to her professional career in the Art world, developing her capacity to question her own certitudes and those of her environment. She writes regularly for various catalogues, magazines and exhibits.


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