DIDIER VIODÉ is from Benin but was born in the Ivory Coast. He began his studies at the National Institute of Art in Abidjan, leaving for France to pursue his studies when the Ivory Coast was in political turmoil. During his research at the School of Fine Arts, he discovered the FLUXUS movement which advocates that everything is art. He began to use insignificant materials such as cardboard, plastic, burlap, and old newspapers that he would stick directly onto his works. His inspiration comes from the street, his environment, society and the media. He observes Man, the Immigrant, paints, photographs and films his daily life. Placing The Human Being at the heart of his concerns, his objective is to present the world to be seen through his art. In his series, Les Migrants, ink on paper (2016), he represents migrants on the road to Hope; who brave the natural elements, are indifferent to death, and flee the war in Aleppo in Syria, Iraq, Africa or elsewhere.

Selected Work