Kaloki Nyamai

Mwaki Nginya Evinda Enge (The Fire Next Time)

Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

Curatée par Khanyisile Mbongwa
05 – 25 janvier 2019

The intimate relationship between colonial violence and independence led KALOKI NYAMAI to investigate what happens when fire is a form of familial erasure. He performs his investigation through painting, performative installations and experimental works. How do we imagine ourselves when precariousness defines our lived experience?

This body of work examines reparations through recollections of tragedy, and uses particular visual modalities to suggest healing, unification and preparation for a new start.

“When you look at the work, you will see writing like ‘black rock is not black’, or ‘call me on the public hanging’. Thords are words said by the people. For me introducing text in the work is very important, words are very strong and they have their own personality”

In Mwaki Nginya Evinda Enge, Nyamai is asking us to look again at the conditions of our humanity.

KALOKI NYAMAI, Vue d'installation 2 pour l'exposition Fire Next Time, SEPTIEME Gallery